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The following pages present UCITS funds whose marketing is authorised in France and potentially in other countries. You are required to accept the conditions set out below prior to consulting these pages. If you do not accept these conditions, we request that you do not consult the following pages. The fund management company does not accept any responsibility for decisions to invest or disinvest based on the information contained on this website.

The information concerning the UCITS funds is provided for information purposes only. This information in no case constitutes promotional material or any solicitation, advice or offer to purchase or sell financial instruments. The information contained on the following pages is designed to inform current or future subscribers by provided supplemental information regarding certain financial characteristics of the UCITS funds set out in their prospectus.

In particular, the public should keep in mind that this information is inevitably partial and could change. As such, this information does not have any contractual value. Any investment in the UCITS funds should only be made after having first consulted the fund prospectus and the annual and semi-annual reports when available. These documents may be obtained either on this present website or directly from Mandarine Gestion.

All the information contained on the following pages is derived from sources considered to be reliable. However, neither Mandarine Gestion nor the authors of this website accept any responsibility in case of any direct or indirect loss resulting from the use of any of the information on the following pages. Mandarine Gestion reserves the right to modify the information contained on this website in a discretionary manner and without prior notice.

Past performances do not guarantee future performances. The figures cited on the following pages refer to previous periods. Past performances should not be the key factor in a subscriber’s investment decision. In this regard, the other elements included in the reporting documents associated with each UCITS fund should also be taken into consideration.

Inherent risks involving investments in UCITS funds. Investors are reminded that a subscription to UCITS fund shares or units involves risks. The value of investments can rise or fall depending on market performances and investors may be unable to recover their initially invested capital, as the value of shares and units depends of the value of the financial instruments held in the portfolio. The particular tax treatment concerning the investment in UCITS fund shares or units depends on the individual situation of each investor and could change over time.

Given the financial market risks (in both economic and stock market terms), no assurance can be given that the performances of the products presented on this website will reach their objectives.
Any person interested in an investment in one of the products presented here is invited to consult with independent advisors in order to verify the appropriateness of the investment in light of the objectives being sought.

By validating access to the following pages, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms of use of this website.