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Mandarine Gestion Dialogue Report and Engagement Policy

Dialogue with the companies in which Mandarine Gestion invests on behalf of UCIs is a key component of our fiduciary responsibility. Increasingly, we are encouraging companies to establish extra-financial targets to protect them against any potential impact on their financial valuations.

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Engagement policy of Mandarine Gestion

The objective of our engagement policy is to enter into constructive dialogue with companies in order to encourage them to protect themselves against the extra‐financial risks that may occur during the course of their activities or to encourage them to seize opportunities.

Personal data protection policy

The Data Protection Policy outlines the procedure we follow when processing the personal data of the legal representatives, agents and contacts of our customers, prospects and business partners.

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Mandarine Gestion commitment policy

Notice to shareholders - Prospectus modification

This notice presents the main changes to the prospectus of the company

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Mandarine Gestion's voting policy

The voting Policy defines the rules that Mandarine Gestion intends to apply for the conditions of its participation and its vote in the general meetings of the companies held in the portfolios.

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Voting rights' annual report

This document provides a report describing the conditions in which Mandarine Gestion exercised its voting rights in line with its voting policy.

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Best Selection Procedure

This procedure describes the principles applied to the selection of the brokers who interact with Mandarine Gestion.

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SADIE policy

The SADIE policy corresponds to the selection procedure and the evaluation of companies which provide financial research services to Mandarine Gestion.

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SADIE report

This document presents the conditions in which Mandarine Gestion resorted to Financial research services and order execution.

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Conflicts of interest policy

The conflicts of interest policy presents Mandarine Gestion's approach in terms of identification, of prevention and management of the conflicts of interest which could appear in the exercise of its activities.

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Controversial weapons policy

The exclusion policy of companies involved in the supply, the commercialization or the storage of controversial weapons.

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Cautionary note to US Investors

Notice of amendment to prospectus

This change concerns the funds of the SICAV Mandarine Funds


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