Our fundsas of 09/20/2018

Mandarine Valeur

European Value Equities

Marc Renaud
Yohan Salleron

Select undervalued European stocks

NAV (R share)  : 512.73 €

Mandarine Opportunités

French Growth Equities

Thierry Le Clercq
Adrien Dumas

Capture the lasting growth of French champions

NAV (R share)  : 1199.37 €

Mandarine Unique

European Small&Mid Cap

Diane Bruno
Marie Guigou
Quentin Hoareau

Invest in unique small caps with strong growth potential

NAV (R share)  : 1399.46 €

Mandarine Reflex

Flexible Equities

A flexible equity fund in response to market trends

NAV (R share)  : 704.66 €

Mandarine Active

Eurozone Growth Equities

Adrien Dumas
Thierry Le Clercq

Societal action as a sustainable growth driver

NAV (R share)  : 747.12 €

Mandarine Multi-Assets

International Multi-Asset

Deliver regular returns with low and controlled risk

NAV (R share)  : 108.28 €

Mandarine Europe Microcap

European Microcap

Sébastien Lagarde
Augustin Lecoq

The search for tomorrow’s large caps

NAV (R share)  : 18.74 €

Mandarine Global Microcap

Microcap Global

Sébastien Lagarde
Augustin Lecoq

The search for tomorrow’s large cap

NAV (R share)  : 134.52 €

Mandarine Optimal Value

Eurozone Value Equities

Yohan Salleron
Florian Allain

Momentum as a trigger for revaluation

NAV (R share)  : 135.55 €

Mandarine Equity Income

Florian Allain
Yohan Salleron

Capture the returns of European equity markets

NAV (R share)  : 107.17 €