Legal information

Mandarine Gestion SA
Limited liability company with capital of 3,599,900 euros
Headquarters: 40 avenue George V 75008 Paris FRANCE
Portfolio management company certified by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French financial markets regulatory authority) on 2 February 2008 under the number GP 08000008
Publication and editorial director: Rémi Leservoisier

Objective of the website
The website is an information-only website whose objective is to present the portfolio management activities of Mandarine Gestion as well as the principal characteristics of its undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS). This presentation does not constitute a solicitation or offer of any kind for financial instruments.
The information contained on this website is not and may not in any manner be construed to be 1) an offer of products or services that could be assimilated with a public offer or 2) any form of prospecting or solicitation to buy or sell financial instruments or any other fund management or investment product or 3) recommendation or advice in connection with any investment in or choice between financial instruments or any other fund management or investment product.
The information contained on this website does not constitute investment recommendations or stock market advice adapted to the specific circumstances of visitors to the website or responding to their particular needs. Mandarine Gestion declines any responsibility for any use that could be made of this information and the potential consequences of this use, notably in terms of decisions that could be made or actions that could be taken based on this information.

Disclaimer and restrictions on access to this website
Access to the products and services presented on this website may be subject to restrictions applicable to certain persons or certain countries. This is notably the case for investors in the United States or United Kingdom, who are subject to specific legislation.
Additionally, the UCITS presented on this website can only be subscribed to in those jurisdictions in which their distribution or promotion is authorised.
Mandarine Gestion recommends that all interested persons first assure that they are legally authorised to subscribe to the products and/or services presented on this website.
Readers of this message should assure themselves that they are legally authorised to connect to this website in the country from which the connection is established.
The information presented on this website is for indicative purposes only and should not be interpreted as providing users with complementary and personalised analysis. Mandarine Gestion does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on its website or its complete, exhaustive or updated nature. Consequently, persons using this information do so at their own risk.

Information concerning the UCITS
Investing in a UCITS can present certain risks. Consequently, we recommend that you seek out full information before making any investment decision. Any investment in a UCITS must be made on the basis of valid regulatory documents (prospectus, bylaws and regulations).
The simplified prospectus as approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers must be provided to you before any subscription. The simplified prospectus describes the principal characteristics of the UCITS, notably its classification, investment guidelines, allocation of earnings, fees and subscription conditions. The simplified prospectuses of our UCITS as well as each product file are available on the website by clicking on prospectus.
The figures cited refer to previous periods. Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future results. Past performances in no manner guarantee future results. As the value of units or shares depends of the prices of securities held in the portfolio, the value of investments can both rise and fall. Consequently, investors may not fully recover their initial investments and no guarantees are provided concerning revenues.
The tax regime applicable to investors involving their investments in UCITS units or shares depends on their personal situations and could be modified in the future.

This website is the property of Mandarine Gestion and constitutes a work protected by copyright law. Any total or partial reproduction of brands, logos, designs, graphs, text and analysis presented on the website or distribution to third parties or use other than for private purposes is strictly forbidden. The data contained on the website may only be used for private purposes by visitors to the website.
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